Charlene's Classes

NEWS! Beginning this fall 2018, Redwall Art Studio is opening its doors to children ages 3-5. Consisting of 3 one hour meetings per week. This new class offers a unique opportunity. The aim of this course is to introduce and master basic artistic concepts through crafts designed to be not only educational, but fun as well. Upon completion of this course children will have a substantial foundation to build upon with the next level of classes offered by Redwall. Cost: $25.00 for a one hour class

My classes are ideal for students who want to prepare a portfolio for high school or college applications. All students develop a strong foundation of basic drawing techniques. If you already have extensive drawing experience, we will work together to help you advance your skills.

As we move beyond drawing basics, you will select your preferred medium or you may learn several, such as oils, acrylics, or pastels. Painting and drawing classes cover still life, landscape, and other subjects. As you advance, we can progress into abstract approaches and imaginary subjects.

My approach is to ensure that each student receives a tailored course of study designed to meet their own objectives, which will evolve throughout the year.

The studio setting is personal, and students enjoy learning together in a friendly and supportive community.

The Toco Hills studio setting is in my home. The studio has many windows and natural light and is situated with a beautiful view of my large back yard and garden. Students are encouraged to learn from each other and frequently enjoy collaborative in a friendly and supportive community.
Students in the studio range from beginners to highly advanced. Regardless of your starting point, I ask that you come to class with an open mind and ready to learn something new.

On Tuesdays through Thursdays, my classes are held at Red Wall studio. Red Wall Studio, located on Ponce De Leon Avenue, across from Paideia School, provides an eclectic artistic studio setting, where students can also learn pottery and sculpting.

Student-grade basic supplies, including brushes, paints, etc. are available to students without a supply fee. Canvases and advanced supplies, such as artist-grade paints, custom paper, and other specialized materials are provided by students. I can also provide you an art supply list to build your own inventory.

If you have an illness or a conflict, please let me know if you can’t make it to class. Once you register, we will keep your information on file in case of a class cancellation or if an event arises that may be of interest to you as a studio member.

Every year, in April, we have a student exhibition which is an excellent opportunity to showcase your work. Many students use this opportunity to develop products for their portfolio. The event is open to the public, and you are welcome to invite your own guests to view your work.

My classes are Monday through Friday. Please call me to discuss the time and dates that work best for you. I accept students ages seven and older.

Night and evening classes are geared toward adults and teens who are advancing toward portfolio goals and adult students who are looking to increase their skill levels. All evening classes, with the exception of Thursday night, at the Toco Hills Studio.

Thursday: 7:00 – 9:00 PM at Red Wall Studio (Bring an 18 x 24 pad of newsprint paper)
Friday (Teen Class): starts at 7:00 PM at Toco Hills Studio

My workshops are designed to provide creative opportunities for anyone who wants to learn new skills or become energized and inspired by new artistic media and concepts. Please contact Charlene for upcoming workshops.

Join us for our week long Summer Camps and Day Camps on no school days.
The fun begins at 10am and ends at 3pm. Each day artists have 2 - two hour classes.
We provide before and aftercare for those who need it.
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